Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Tri of the year

First things first. Went to the Doctor on Friday morning to check out the leg. Not good news. Most likely Stress fracture in Tibia or other possiblity of of medial tibial stress syndrome. Went and got x rays of both legs. Results pending, next Dr. appointment this friday. So I asked the doc if I could run the tri on sunday and he said it probably would not injure it anymore than it already was injured.

No training on saturday except practicing my transition on and off the bike. I think I got it down. You gotaa rubber band up the shoes and hop on and go.

Now to the tri. Normal race day morning eat a combo of instant oatmeal and brown rice. drink 1 20 oz gatorade and some water. Added in a little No X Plode to the gatorade to wake in the morning. Loaded up and drove to the race. Unload bike and setup transition area and turn the tunes on while waiting in line to get markered up. Tried not to get too many jitters, and was successful. It was a cool morning and I was worried aobut the ocean being a bit cold, but it was not. Awesome! Hopped in the water to loosen up my arms and I felt really good. So we waited for the race to begin on the shore and Got off about 12 minutes later than expected start time, but no worries. THe run into the water was quite far, all the way to the first buoy. Then swim around the buoy and make a long trek over to the last buoy and in towards the shore. It got shallow really fast so I started to run early and really got my HR up. Rip current was pulling on my legs like I had 10 lb weights on each foot. Finally got out of the water in 10:02. My transition time was 0:56 hopped on the bike, HR still up, but pedaling along. Carrying 22 most of the way with some slow periods Bike was uneventful minus the trade off with another cyclist. He and I were trading spots about every 2 minutes, and towards the end he left me as I was prepping for the run with some gel and drink. Hopped off the bike in 35:24 for 12.5mi and made T2 went well except I was so tired I was a little wobbly on my feet and had to sit down to get my second shoe on, no big deal. My T2 time was 1:23, pretty decent. Then the run started and I was passed by about 8-10 runners, but all in all not too bad for me I did the 5K in 28:42.

Overall I finished 34th out of 91 competitors and 3rd in my age group out of 7. I beat the 4th place guy by 2 seconds. Pretty awesome to win my first plaque in Triathlon. I know that will be few and far between, but it felt pretty awesome to be inthe top 3. Although I did not find out until today. Katie and I had to leave before the awards were handed out so that she could go to an event for here last week of School at UNF.

This week will be just swim all week, and lay off the leg until I see the doc again. I also have to work late so that I can be home on Friday for Katie's Graduation. We are both very excited. She is moving down here to Melbourne with the pups end of next week. WOOT WOOT I get to live with my wife and dogs for the first time in 3 years. I am going to be loving life.

Oh today I knocked out a very choppy .5 mile swim in the river. I felt pretty good minus the fact that the chop was much bigger than expected.

Good night and Good week to all.


  1. Oh I'm so excited for you! You did awesome!!! Sorry to hear about your leg though. Very cool that you get to live a 'normal' life now that Katie is graduating!!! Didn't realize ya'll have living like this for 3 years. I guess you have to do what you have to do! Congrats!

  2. I don't think I could have ever imagined you doing a triathlon; just reading your post amazes me! You did so well. Not that I wouldn't expect you to do well, but I'm very impressed. That's awesome that you placed and got an award...congrats. I'm sorry about your leg - hope it's nothing too serious so you're back up and running soon.

    Tell Katie I said congrats to her too on graduation!

    PS - check out my blog. I tagged you. It'll give you something to post about while your leg recovers ;)